Peter Stec’s 'Variations on Eggs’

Peter’s parents and his ancestors come from Luniniec and Włodzimierz Wołyński – towns that used to be on the territory of the former USSR.  They have lived in Słupsk (Pomerania) since 1946. Peter was born in August 1967.  In his hometown, Słupsk, he graduated from Food Processing Technical College. Peter is now an employee of the Communications Department for the Army.  He is also a member of the SPiFA (Association of Artists and Amateur Photographers) at the Pomeranian Army Centre Club in Bydgoszcz.

When asked „where these passion and talent come from” – he jokingly replies that he inherited them from his great grandfather, who made clay pots.  Peter is one of few folk artists in the Pomerania region, who are busy creating traditional Easter eggs using the Kaszuby designs according to the schools of Slupsk, Wejherowo and Punice, and thus promoting their region.  The eggs are drilled through on both ends in order to attach ribbons to hang them by.

Peter also creates lace-like open-work eggs.  Those are extremely time-consuming and require special equipment. Baltic amber is used to decorate beautuful jewellery boxes made from ostrich eggs. Peter’s works embelish Easter tables and collections in the USA, Canada, Germany and the UK as well as South Africa.  One can also find them in the Museum of Western Pomerania in Słupsk.  Each year local and national press present his creations on their pages.  He is often asked to give radio interviews.

He has taken part in numerous exhibitions and national competitions where he received a great number of awards and certificates:

  • between 1992 – 1996, 1998, 2001 and 2006-2007 – 1st awards in the easter Egg Competitions organised by WDK in Słupsk
  • 1994 – 1st award in the competition organised by WDK at the Regional Museum in Koszalin
  • 1997 – special award founded by the President of ¦winouj¶cie
  • 1999 – certificate awarded by Social Help Organisation in Słupsk
  • 2000 – individual exhibition „Easter Table” in Narcyz Kalski’s Amber Galery in Słupsk
  • 2002 – second degree award in Folk Made by Hand Art competition and Art by Amateurs in Central Pomerania founded by the President of Słupsk
  • 2004 – where Poland was represented by Peter during the international 'Kunst am Ei’ Market (Art on Eggs) in Koeln, Germany; he is planning to repeat the successful representation of his hometown and country in 2008
  • 2006 – certificate in XVth Folk Made by Hand Art competition and Art by Amateurs in Central Pomerania founded by the President of Słupsk

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